Brian Mulder turns to his community for support of ambitious full-length album

Brian Mulder turns to his community for support of ambitious full-length album



After years of traveling the world and experimenting with art in West Michigan, Brian Mulder has learned an important lesson: you can’t accomplish much without a strong network behind you.

His next project, Holotropic, is a strong testament to this core belief. Mulder launched a $15,000 Kickstarter campaign on Oct. 19, inviting his community of family, friends, and total strangers to help finance his first full-length album.

Mulder plans unique rewards for supporters, especially for the $100 level, which includes a bicycle delivery of the physical album plus Mulder playing a song from the album for you live at your home. His project has raised nearly $4,000 as of Monday, Oct. 24, and gained outspoken support from local residents like Holland musician Jon Ornee.

“Brian is one of the most thoughtful, genuine humans I know,” Ornee wrote in a Facebook share about the project. “I can’t wait to hear his thoughts and ponderings in musical form.”


Holotropic, which means a “movement toward wholeness,” reflects Mulder’s recent journey of stepping away from youth ministry to experiment with art and connect with people in new ways. It crosses over multiple genres and features an introspective singer/songwriter mood. Holotropic involved quite a collaborative process – produced by Matthew Clark of Madison, MS, professionally mixed and mastered by Chad Wahlbrink of Cincinnati and album artwork designed by Christina Mrozik of Portland, OR.

Mulder said if the Kickstarter campaign is successful, he hopes to release the album by Christmas.

“Songwriting is my way of making sense of my experiences, documenting truths I’ve encountered, and it is a tool that I use to connect with the people around me,” he said.

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