Quit your job and hit the road: Andy and Jen Holt living the Millenial dream

Quit your job and hit the road: Andy and Jen Holt living the Millenial dream


When you’re a trained reporter and you hear college friends of yours are traveling the country in a RV, you have to investigate. No matter the cost.

Turns out Andy and Jen Holt are embracing a movement, known simply as “roadschooling.” Instead of education from a distance, they are giving their two children a firsthand look at Aaah-merica (think the George W. Bush pronunciation). 

It’s brilliant. Edgy. Risky. But, most of all, fun.

In my school, teachers hated textbooks so much they organized mass textbook throwdowns in protest. Roadschooling makes textbooks a resource, not the only option.

The added bonus is they have blogged about their roadschooling adventures. 

Without further a due, Andy and Jen Holt of Free2Breathe:

Describe your current lifestyle and how you achieved it.

We are currently living “on the road” and have been since April of 2014.  We have the flexibility in our schedules to follow the warm weather or our friends whenever we would like.  We made the decision to sell our home and most of our Earthly possessions 18 months ago and it has allowed us to be debt free and let go of a lot of daily stressors.  We have two kids that we are schooling at home or “roadschooling” as many people who travel call it.  We feel that we are giving them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but more on that later.


What and who inspired you to make the change?

We went through some personal battles and knew we needed a professional and lifestyle change.  It may be a little extreme to some but we wanted a fresh start so we hit the road to really experience life.  We have endless family time, nights together and time with our kids and we really know we are impressing upon them family values during these early years.

How long do you plan to be on the road? Where’s next?

We are currently in Denver, CO for the month of October and will be heading down to Texas for about 6 weeks before spending time with family in Michigan over the holidays.  After that we will migrate southwest and stay warm this winter.  We plan to go back to Michigan next summer and see what doors open up there.

What are some lessons your children have learned that you know traditional schooling couldn’t offer?

Our children are 4 and 7 so they are just at the beginning of traditional schooling.  They have never been in the public school system so it is hard to make comparisons but the biggest thing at this early age is that we feel we can accomplish an eight hour day in about an hour because we are able to give our kids that one-on-one, uninterrupted attention.  We also feel there is SO much value in actually seeing, feeling and sometimes tasting history.  We, as adults, have learned so much more than we ever did sitting in a History classroom.  There is something that can’t be described to someone unless they are also standing on the grounds of Gettysburg or standing in front of the Liberty Bell themselves.

Anything else you would like to add?

We know we are living out of the box and it has been hard on our extended family that we left in Michigan, but we know we made the right decision at the time and believe our kids will forever have these memories of the incredible sights we have seen and the close knit family bond we have made.

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