Just Say Yes and Figure Out the Rest: The Photos of My Tulips & Juleps Marketing Extravaganza

Just Say Yes and Figure Out the Rest: The Photos of My Tulips & Juleps Marketing Extravaganza

The hot word in 2017? No.

That’s right, say no to most things, but yes to only a few important and meaningful and serious things.

I’m cool with that advice and agree with it – to a point.

However, after a recent string of events, I believe sometimes you should just say yes and figure out the rest.

Please, allow me to explain.

Back in March, I was asked to help blog about Tulips & Juleps, a Derby-themed fundraiser being organized by Tulip Time and Holland Young Professionals.


I was flattered. Yet I didn’t think I had the time.

My day job was busy. I was acquiring new content marketing clients. I had a long vacation on the horizon.

Saying no would have been easy and socially acceptable.

But, I said yes. And I am so glad I did.

I met amazing people like Hannah Rogers from Tulip Time and Paul Marantette from Coppercraft Distillery and the ladies at Younkers of Holland.

I strengthened friendships with my man Brad Preston and Slate Owner Stacy Mulder and uber-talented Holland Young Professionals members – president Nicole Paquette and board member Kellee Kortas.

I landed amazing access to Coppercraft Distillery before it re-opened, twice, and the chance to enjoy an in-studio TV interview at WZZM 13.

However, above all, watching more than 200 people pack into Boatwerks, including many men, and raise $8,700 for the Holland Young Professionals endowment fund, that was special. Rewarding. Worth it.

So enjoy the pictures from my Tulips & Juleps journey and please, say yes and figure out the rest.


A private, even-before-the-soft-opening bourbon tasting at Coppercraft Distillery.


Starting to create some social media buzz.


Coppercraft Distillery soft opening. Flowered shirts not required, but strongly encouraged.


Nicole Paquette speaking about Holland Young Professionals, on TV, while keeping that hat out of her face. Amazing.


This is where I told Meredith TerHaar she was with it and had it going on. Also amazing. 


Why are we smiling? 1) We have great teeth. 2) Possibly the best 3 minute taped segment in WZZM 13 history. 


(Above and below and below) Need fashion advice? We can help. Just let us finish some full-lengths first. 




Gameday. Too many talented and good-looking people for one backdrop.